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Lightbox Optin Forms have been around for a while now. Using this type of optin increases subscription rates and grows your list exponentially faster.

So why aren’t more people using Lightboxes?!


Lightbox optin forms are a unique type of pop-up that appear on a webpage after a preset interval, preventing the reader from viewing the page’s content until they deal with the form by either opting in, or ex-ing out the box to continue.


What stops most marketers from using them, is the irritation that we experience ourselves when we come across lightboxes on other sites.


This is the very reason we should be embracing the use of lightbox optin forms to grow our lists!


Think about your own experience with this:  You are forced to deal with the content that the website owner has placed in front of you in order to get back to the content you have chosen to view.


And if they have done their job correctly, you will be interested in that as well, and QUICKLY complete their subscription form so that you can get back to the webpage you were already on.


That irritation is not just normal, it is what makes this technology work!  The irritation is momentary, and is gone as soon as they have dealt with the lightbox.

 So opting into your list removes the irritation!

And t just flat out works.  Consider the stats that Aweber recently posted on their blog:  The (Easy) Secret To 1,375% More Subscribers


You read that number right.  That is true exponentially increased growth.  Which means it is time to get over the idea that you are going to lose readers by bugging them with your Optin Lightboxes.  


You will bug them right onto your list!


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